• Refractometer - Grainfather
  • Refractometer - Grainfather

Refractometer - Grainfather

  • $60.00

A refractometer is an instrument of optical precision used for determining the density of a liquid by the index of refraction. Click here for a practical overview of refractometers.

This is a special model of refractometer for distillers and liqueur makers to determine the alcohol content of distillates without sugar. It is accurate as well as easy to use. Just place a few drops of liquid on the prism and the density is directly readable. There is no need for temperature correction due to automatic temperature compensation (ATC).

Scale 0-80% v/v alcohol, reading per 1%

  • ATC: Automatic Temperature Compensation (10°C-30°C)
  • Dual scale: Brix + SG
  • High quality sustainable aluminium construction
  • Sturdy storage case
  • Easy to calibrate


  • Refractometer
  • pipette
  • mini-screwdriver
  • soft cleaning cloth
  • storage case
  • manual

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