• Fresh Cheese Kit - Mad Millie
  • Fresh Cheese Kit - Mad Millie

Fresh Cheese Kit - Mad Millie

  • $67.50

This Fresh Cheese Kit will enable you to produce delicious fresh cheese at home and to enjoy the whole cheese making process.

It is easier than you think. The Mad Millie Fresh Cheese Kit contains everything you need.. Just add milk!

You will produce approx 7 kg of  your own Cottage Cheese, Light Cream Cheese, Cream Cheese, Feta, Halloumi, Chèvre Frai, Goats Feta, Quark and farmhouse butter. 

- 60 minutes hands-on time on average, per recipe
- Kit makes 10 batches of Fresh Cheese before refills are required.

No Artificial Flavours or Preservatives – Gluten-Free – Vegetarian


Ingredients: 1x450g salt (sodium chloride, anticaking agent (E535)), 1x50ml calcium chloride (water, calcium chloride (30%)), 1x 10 vegetarian rennet tablet (milk clotting enzyme, excipients); 1x 5 mesophilic culture (freeze dried lactic bacteria. Contains milk/dairy).


  • Cheese cloth

  • Mesophilic Culture 

  • Cheese salt

  • 10 vegetarian rennet tablets

  • 2 square feta moulds

  • Thermometer

  • Cheese Mat

  • Calcium chloride

  • Pipette

  • Culture measuring spoons

  • Iodophor steriliser

  • Instructions and recipe booklet

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