• Fermenting Crock - Mad Millie
  • Fermenting Crock - Mad Millie

Fermenting Crock - Mad Millie

  • $129.95

The Mad Millie Fermenting 3 litre Crock is designed to make fermentation easy and ensure successful results each time. Make your own nutritious Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Pickles and other fermented vegetables!

A great way to keep up a daily vegetable intake and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A water sealing system allows fermentation gases to escape through the vent while keeping out the unwanted air. This protects your delicious sauerkraut or kimchi from unwanted bacteria and creates the best environment for lactic acid fermentation.

Handmade – Food Grade – Glazed Ceramic – Lead-Free

Use with Mad Millie Fermenting Vegetable Culture for a faster, more consistent ferment.

A batch of properly fermented kimchi or sauerkraut will last for three months, when stored in the fridge.


  • 3 L Ceramic Fermenting Crock
  • 2 Traditional Clay Weights
  • Instructions

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