Complete Brewery Setup - Grainfather

  • $2,899.00
  • Save $301

Want to go all out and get everything you need to set up your own bar?

Our Complete Brewery Setup includes everything thing you need. You can brew top quality craft beer with your Grainfather and then keg and pour chilled beer from the kegerator. Great for showing off the craft beer you have made to your mates. They are sure to be jealous!


  • Grainfather with Counter Flow Wort Chiller (Includes 500g High-Performance Cleaner)
  • 3 Tap Kegerator with 3 Kegs
  • Refractometer
  • Sparge Water Heater
  • Stainless Steel Paddle
  • 25 L Stainless Steel Fermenter
  • C02 Cylinder 4 L (2.6 kg)  
  • 500g Grainfather Cleaner

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